Passion Statement

"Mahavtar Babaji TadEkam Foundation is unique. We are a spiritual organization but do not subscribe to any religion or faith; we are a charitable organization but do not solicit donations; we are an educational hub but teach what is taught nowhere else. We do not convince anybody to join us but people come to us because of our convictions; we are not into creating wealth because we already have an abundance in the form of our followers and we are certainly not hunkered down by rules, regimens and doctrines because we edify complete and total liberation from the bondage of ignorance.

The charter of this foundation is singular and unchangeable. To spread the wisdom and teachings of an ageless and deathless embodiment of the Divine in human form. Mahavtar Babaji is the fountainhead of all that is taught, facilitated, practiced and followed in this organization with one solitary destination. The Revelation of the Soul. So that every human being whose flame of self-enquiry is burning brightly, may have full recourse to Babaji's infinite wisdom and the precise means of discovering their own divine and immortal Soul within. So that all illusions and disabilities of the ego, personality and duality are destroyed forever.

Come, let me show you how to enjoy this part of your journey. Maybe one day you will experience how the billions of humans, how every one of the millions of life forms, how everything animate or inanimate is really one, just one Soul. That of the Creator."