Implemented Projects & Activities - Smart Village Project




Aug 2015

Adoption of the Kotturu Village

  • First Joint Meeting of MBTF with Sarpanch, Government officials and Villagers
  • Appointment of Two English School Teachers
  • First Batch of 20 Benches delivered to the School
  • Distribution of Books

Sept 2015

  • Second Batch of 20 Benches delivered to the School
  • A Day spent with School children teaching them importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Drawing competition was held as well
  • Guruji's visit to Kotturu to meet the Villagers and discuss future development projects
  • Clinic Inauguration at Kotturu - A Dentist, an Ophthalmologist, and two General Physicians

Oct 2015

  • MBTF presentation to the AP government

Nov 2015

MBTF visits MP office to highlight issues in the Village

  • Frequent power cuts - it will be looked into
  • Low connectivity and signals of BSNL - a tower will be built near the village
  • Request for permission of Veterinary hospital and a Vet Doctor.
  • Acute water shortage - Water Tankers were sent to the Village to deal with the acute shortage of water till infrastructure projects are completed.
  • Request for up gradation of the school from 8th to 10th standard
  • Request for doctors to the Primary health subcentre.

Jan 2016

  • MBTF lights (80 lights) the streets in Kotturu with the start of the New Year.
  • Eye checkup camp was organized by MBTF in the village and 150 spectacles were distributed. 150 additional sets will be distributed in this month.
  • Irrigation Project work has been initiated

Feb 2016

  • Computers installed in Village school for students to learn the use of computer and related applications.
  • Appointment of Computer teacher on MBTF payroll to teach computers to school children.
  • Adoption of four families who have no means of income or livelihood, due to old age, for food rations of Re. 1000 per family per month on an indefinite basis.
  • Ten young men selected for driving school training to become drivers. Driving school fees paid completely by MBTF.
  • Group of young women selected for tailoring classes by tailoring instructor appointed and paid by MBTF.

Mar 2016

  • Students passing 8th class in village school encouraged to continue education up to 10th grade, in neighbouring town, by giving incentive scholarship of Re. 1000 to girls and Rs.500 to boys each month during their study up to 10th grade.
  • Two Carpenters given 50% of amount for purchase of power tools required for their work.
  • Completed excavation and digging of 4 acres artificial lake/water tank for water harvesting and storage of rain water entirely at the expense of MBTF of Re. 4,50,000/-
Apr 2016
  • Two sewing machines were brought to teach tailoring to the young women in the village.
  • Drinking water supplied twice a day by Tadekam to kotturu village for 2 months April and May (approx. cost of Re. 40,000/- per month).
May 2016
  • Continuing the supply of Drinking water to the village three times in the day during May.
  • Soak Pits at every Bore-well for effective water harvesting and raising ground water level.
  • Completion of artificial lake.
  • Appointment of teachers for tailoring classes for women.
  • Purchase of 3 additional sewing machines for training young women in tailoring.

June & July 2016

  • Food-grains distributed to poor families.
  • Uniforms (2 sets) made for 52 toddlers aged around 5 years of Anganwadi Day-care.
  • Bicycles gifted to 25 students who have to walk over 3 kms to reach school.
  • Old dilapidated school building renovated at cost of Rs. 2,15,000.
  • Water Tank for Village Temple.

Aug to Dec 2016

  • Extra classroom at SC/ST School, Re.72,900/-
  • Widening and repair of main roads.
  • Subsidy given of Re.3000/- each to 65 houses for construction of toilets, Re.1,95,000/-
  • Three minor children who lost their father in a road accident were given fixed deposits of Re.50,000/- each.
  • House built and gifted to old blind couple, Re.52,000/-
  • Repair of old Bore well at Main School, Re.25,000/-
  • Construction of foot-over Culvert between SC and ST sections of village, Re.98,620/-
  • Improving the Kitchen place at main school for Midday meals to students, Re.65,000/-
  • Established RO water plant with Re. 50,000/-
  • Scholarships to 20 students for attending higher classes and vocational courses, Re.48,000/-
  • In SC colony, a new bore well was dug, and they were also provided motor, pipes, electricity connection, drinking water facility, Re.3,20,000/-

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Achievements & Government Approvals:
  • MBTF was chosen as one of the 25 MOST ACTIVE PARTNERS out of 10,000 partners in Andhra Pradesh by the State Government.
  • MBTF was asked to present the activities undertaken so far and its future plans and suggestions to the State Government on 13th October 2015.
  • Team Tadekam met up with Guntur MP to highlight the acute shortage of water in Kotturu as bore wells are not feasible in Kotturu due to lack in the ground water. Water Tankers were sent immediately to the Village till a permanent solution is implemented (Rain water harvesting and Supply of water through irrigation pumps)
  • The Government has sanctioned a grid for drinking water, which will be lifted from Krishna basin at Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and storage points are fixed at different villages. 50% of the cost will be borne by the Government.
  • The AP government was impressed with the dedication and efforts from MBTF because of which our presentation was selected to be shown to the CM.
  • On 11th January 2016, 3 smart village partners were selected and honored out of the 15 smart village partners for their top performance by the government. MBTF was given Top rating in performance with assurance of co-operation in various projects from the Government. Though others had spent more than 30 lakhs each on their own village, MBTF was selected as it was outside AP and the village was chosen by MBTF at random without any political agenda.
  • MBTF was awarded 'Best Smart Village Partner 2017' by the Government of Andhra Pradesh on 11th January 2017 for Guntur District.