About the Foundation's charitable activities

At Mahavatar Babaji Tadekam Foundation, our primary goal is to spread the wisdom and teachings of Mahavtar Babaji. But we also believe in practicing what we preach. The very first teaching in the very first communication from Babaji to Guruji Naushir was a lesson in the Universal Law of Abundance.

Essentially the law states that all wealth belongs to the Creator and we humans are mere trustees of all that we own. This too for a very short time. Giving back is extremely important for the flow of wealth to circulate, as stagnant water dries up fast. Lastly there is no service to God higher than serving suffering humanity.

Hence our Foundation undertakes charitable activities, sometimes very different from the traditional forms of charity. However the end result is always the same, namely to reduce suffering, poverty and hunger and bring back happiness with loads of smiles on the faces of the people whose lives we touch.

All our charitable projects are squeaky-clean transparent and the financials will be displayed online. But we do not solicit donations. We work for the money. We create wealth with who we have with us not how much we have. If our vision touches a chord in your heart, feel free to contact us and participate in our humanitarian activities.